Both Gender Neutral texts (I & II) are written in Modern Hebrew and English, the English text being an exact translation of the Hebrew. Any changes to the pronouns or other language within the text can be made. Just specify when ordering. 

On the _____ day of the week, the ______ day of ___________, in the year_______, corresponding to the ______ day of______, in the year ________ in ____________(city)________________ , (state/country) ____________________ [son/daughter/child/etc.] of _______________________ and ____________________ [son/daughter/child/etc.] of _____________________________, with hearts full of joy and gladness entered into the sacred covenant of marriage. And __________________ and ____________________ stood before family and friends, gazed upon each other and declared: “I have found you, whom my soul loves. I bind myself to you, whom my heart desires utterly, passionately and selflessly. I vow to place you before all others, and nurture your mind, body and spirit. I will forevermore hold you dear to me and stand by your side in both joy and sorrow. I will dream your dreams and comfort you in times of challenge. May our love continue to grow from strength to strength and intertwine us through the years as we create our family together. We will make a home in which the flow of seasons and the passage of time are marked according to our traditions and where we aid in the repairing and healing of the world. According to the rituals of marriage, I make you holy to me with this ring. May it be a sign of my love for the world to behold. I enter with you, my beloved, into this. My wonder and gratitude in finding you seals this document. We accept all of this as valid and binding.”