We witness that on the day of the week, on the day of the month of __________, in the year__________, corresponding to the day of__________,__________, here in__________,__________, United States of America, the bride, __________, daughter of__________, and the groom, __________, son of__________, entered into this sacred marriage covenant. Standing together hand in hand they said to each other: “As beloveds and friends we choose to walk life’s path together. We pledge to be equal partners, loving friends, and supportive companions all throughout our life. We promise to build a harmonious relationship of equality. We shall respect each other’s uniqueness and help one another grow to our fullest potential. As we share life’s experiences, we vow to create an intimacy that will enable us to express our innermost thoughts and feelings; to be sensitive to each other’s needs; to share life’s joys; to comfort each other through life’s sorrows; to challenge each other to achieve intellectual and physical fulfillment as well as spiritual and emotional tranquility. We will build a home together and fill it with laughter, empathy, faith, imagination, trust, friendship, companionship and love; a home wherein the flow of the seasons and the passages of life are celebrated through the symbols of our heritage and cultures. May our love provide us with the freedom to be ourselves and the courage to follow our mutual and individual paths. May we live each day as the first, the last, the only day we will have with each other. We joyfully enter into this covenant and solemnly accept the obligations herein.”

Groom ____________ Bride ____________
Witness ____________ Witness ____________
Officiant ____________