On the ___ day of the week, the ___ day of the month of ___ in the year _____, corresponding to ________ in _______, ______, ________ and ________entered into a mutual covenant as equal partners, loving and supportive companions in life, and said each to the other: I betroth you to me forever. I betroth you to me in everlasting faithfulness. With trust and devotion, I will be your loving friend as you are mine. Set me as a seal upon your heart, like the seal upon your hand, for love is stronger than death. And I will cherish you, honor you, uphold and sustain you in all truth and sincerity, in times of joy as well as hardship. I will respect you and the divine image within you. May our hearts be united forever in faith and hope. Let our home be built on truth and loving-kindness, rich in wisdom and reverence. May we always keep these words in our hearts as a symbol of our eternal commitment to each other: I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine. We joyfully enter into this covenant and solemnly accept its obligations. Our promise to each other, in the presence of loving family and friends, is valid and binding.

Groom/Bride/Beloved/etc. ____________ Groom/Bride/Beloved/etc. ____________ Witness ____________ Witness ____________ Officiant ____________