In celebration of the ___ anniversary of our wedding day, the ___ day of ___ (month) corresponding to _________ (month, day, year), in _________ (city, state), we, _________ and _________, reaffirm our commitment to be loving and supportive companions, partners in marriage. As the seasons change, each leading to renewed life and growth, so may the passing years lead us to continually renew that which binds us together. May our hearts share an ever- deepening love for one another; may our hands applaud and embrace each other; may our lips speak with clear and direct expression; and may our eyes see the good within each other. We have delighted in life’s pleasures and we have persevered in times of sorrow sustained by our love for one another. May we continue to be blessed with wisdom and patience, strength and devotion, love and respect, to enjoy many more fulfilling years together in health and happiness.

Groom/Bride______________ Groom/Bride__________________
Witness__________________ Witness______________________