On the____day of the week, the_____day of the month of______, in the year_______, corresponding to the secular date of_____ in the city of_______ the bride_______ and groom______ entered into the holy covenant of marriage and agreed to establish a Jewish home and follow the laws of Moses and the traditions of Israel. On our Anniversary Day,________, in the year ____ we reaffirm our commitment and love to each other. Our lives have been entwined together with years of joy, love, surprises, and tender moments of laughter and smiles. We finish each other’s sentences and read each other’s thoughts. We have shared years of physical, spiritual and emotional intimacy. We have had mutual respect and devotion and will continue to support each other in every way and at all times. How lucky we are to be able to say to each other, “I love you more today than the day we married.” On our anniversary day we reunite our bond of everlasting love and proclaim to continue on this path now and forever. And all is valid and binding. In accepting this Anniversary Ketubah, we affix our signatures to this document in the presence of witnesses and in accordance with the traditions of Judaism

Bride______ Groom_______
Witness______ Witness________