You appreciate contemporary, timeless, hand-made objects and a nod to tradition. You'd like to commission an original artwork to celebrate your one-of-a-kind union. 

Ketubah Graphia ketubahs are one-of-a-kind, personalized works of art that borrow from tradition by making the centuries-old Jewish marriage contract an instant heirloom available to all couples—Jewish, interfaith, same-sex, and secular. 

Artist Aliza Boyer will create the perfect ketubah for you—a completely original, hand-lettered text and testament to your union and future together--inscribed with and upon archival materials meant to last a lifetime, and beyond. 

While historically the ketubah was a one-size-fits-all legal document, each ketubah is as unique as your partnership and highlights the words you choose to represent your commitment to each other. With every commission, Aliza works directly with you to make decisions easy, the process meaningful and fun, and present you with a beautiful work of art you had a part in creating.

Your process can be hands-on—come for a studio visit, see the work and materials in person, and discuss ideas—or simply send your order form to start your ketubah.


About Aliza Boyer

I feel honored to be working with you at such a momentous time in your lives and am inspired by each love story that I encounter.

I am an artist and arts educator, passionate about finding moments of ritual and connectedness in everyday life. Making hand-lettered ketubahs has been part of my artistic practice for the past 16 years, alongside painting, drawing, and sculpture.

In 2003, my sister asked me to make a special ketubah for her modern, interfaith wedding.  She had never seen a ketubah like the one she had in mind, but was sure I could create it: hand-lettered vows that reflected her aspirations for an egalitarian partnership -- a ketubah rooted in Jewish tradition, but rewritten.

Celebrating life’s milestones with family and friends led to more special requests...and more original works of art. I like to think Ketubah Graphia was born from a need to create meaningful rituals for modern life.

I have worked with couples all over the world and have created an incredible diversity of ketubahs – from a Hebrew translation of an Apache wedding blessing to an Orthodox Aramaic text with English vows written completely by the couple, to ketubahs incorporating Sanskrit, Korean, Russian and other languages.

The originality, history, textures and colors I encounter around my home of Brooklyn, NY, are my everyday inspiration; my travels in India, Israel, South Africa, Mexico, Turkey, Portugal (and the places I dream to go next) expand my vision.

What Other People Are Saying About Ketubah Graphia

"When I saw our ketubah for the first time, it literally took my breath away. It is difficult to find the words to describe just how beautiful and meaningful this special piece of artwork is to us. Our ketubah occupies a very prominent space in our home, we look at it every day and it continues to remind us of the promises we made to one another while also helping to fill our home with love and beauty. We love that our ketubah is uniquely ours and that the text we chose is such a prominent element, highlighted so beautifully by the simple elegance of the design."  ~ Rachel & Doug, Tucson, Arizona

"We are speechless. The ketubah is absolutely stunning, and clearly you put a lot of time and care into it. We love the colors, the paper cuts, the textures, and the design. You’ve imbued the ketubah with so much of the goodness, attention, love, and beauty that we hope will always course through our married life."  ~ Scott & Aliyah, Washington, DC

"My partner and I are planning a commitment ceremony and we would be honored to commission a ketubah from you. We have looked at many, many designs, and for us, yours stand out far above all others…. We received the ketubah yesterday, and it is gorgeous! Thank you for shipping it so carefully, and for all of your hard work. I know that we will continue to enjoy it for many, many years. It is absolutely beautiful, and exactly what we wanted." ~ Ben and Todd, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Your ketubahs are stunning. They’re uplifting!"  ~ Julie, New York, New York

"Aliza was a pleasure to work with and produced a Ketubah that is not only a beautiful work of art, but also perfectly suited to us as an interfaith, lesbian couple. I highly recommend Aliza and Ketubah Graphia to anyone looking for a unique and meaningful Ketubah!"  ~ Miriam & Suzanne, Leverett, Massachusetts

"We worked with Aliza to create a beautiful and unique ketubah that has a very special place in our home. Aliza was a joy to work with and we couldn’t have imagined a better result. If you’re looking for a ketubah that you’ll treasure for decades to come, look no further than Aliza."  ~ Ari & Tamar, Brooklyn, New York

"Dear Aliza, We can’t thank you enough for creating this very beautiful part of our wedding — we admire the work you do, both politically and aesthetically and we are thrilled that your art will be in our lives in such an amazing and long-term way. Such a blessing! Thanks again!"  ~ Ariel & Ilan, Chelmsford, Massachusetts

"We LOVE our ketubah! Thank you again for the wonderful work you did. We love it and everyone at the wedding loved it as well. They all loved the elegance of it."  ~ Yoni and Lauren, New York, New York

"We have looked at hundreds and hundreds of ketubah websites and the only work we have our hearts set on is yours. We would love to have your work in our house and as part of our wedding ceremony. So glad we found you!"  ~ Julia and Ezra, Framingham, Massachusetts

"Our ketubah will be one of our life’s treasures. Thank you."  ~ Blythe & David, Portland, Oregon

"We are enchanted with the results of Aliza’s calligraphy and designs and marvel that this excellence can be achieved by hand. The script written made the words of the ketubah text we chose all the more stirring because of its artistic beauty. We are honored to recommend Aliza’s work to others."   ~ Linda and Robert, Denver, Colorado

"It was fantastic working with you, Aliza. You were great to work with through the entire creative process, making yourself available to answer questions and offer guidance. The creative process was perhaps only overshadowed by the final product, which was better than we ever imagined."    ~ Andrew and Alexis, Chicago, Illinois

"We are delighted you can make a ketubah for us. We’ve looked far and wide and have never seen anything approaching the gorgeous, simple esthetic that yours have."  ~ Louise and Maimon, Los Angeles, California