The New "I Do"

Yes, the institutions of marriage and religion give us guides that tell us how to say “I do” but we live in a time when it comes to vows--how to say them, who says them to whom and who writes them--where there are no more rules. More and more we are seeing people who write their own vows. Perhaps couples take portions of a traditional text that speaks to them as a couple and mix that up with some lines of text from a Patti Smith song, a poem that they love or an inspiring line of text. The possibilities are endless and very personal. We love that couples from all backgrounds are mixing up traditions from a few different faiths that make sense to them. No longer are ketubahs or stepping on the glass only for Jewish couples.

We are big supporters of cross-traditioning (just made that up) and are excited that the ceremony is a place for couples to express their creativity and love as inspired by whichever traditions they choose. The ketubah was originally a scribed legal document in place to protect the wife. Today in the spirit of updating tradition, we are inspired by the history of the ketubah but often add new sentiment and have created personalized wedding vows that focus on an equal promise of love and support by both partners. We hope that together with happy couples we will have the opportunity to scribe personalized vows that move towards a new tradition and future where we choose what to say and how to say it.

The NY Times posted an interesting article about people of all faiths embracing Jewish tradition.

This is something we toast to and proudly say, We Do!