Off to the Framers: Framing your custom ketubah

Ketubah Graphia prepares each ketubah to ensure that it is protected and avoids any damage during delivery, on your wedding day, and before going to the framer.  We add archival quality but removable mounting and matting as well as a protective clear overlay to each ketubah so that you can sign your ketubah, display it at your wedding safely and sturdily and keep it protected. When and if you choose to frame your ketubah, here are a couple of tips based on experience and customer feedback:

  • Considering the elegant deckled edge of the watercolor paper and the contemporary nature of our designs, Ketubah Graphia recommends floating the ketubah in its frame or inserting the work between two pieces of glass, either with or without a frame.
  • Matching frames to ink colors has also yielded beautiful results.
  • Take your ketubah to a reputable framer who will be sure that all mounting supplies used are both archival and acid-free so as to avoid permanent damage or discoloration of the artwork.
  • Consider using ultraviolet protective glass or plexiglass when framing your ketubah to prevent fading or other environmental damage.  Try to hang your ketubah out of direct sources of sunlight, halogen or fluorescent lighting that can cause artwork to fade over time if it is not framed properly.