More graphia than just ketubahs

Many people have been asking if I create custom works of art for occasions other than weddings and commitment ceremonies. While this website focuses on my ketubahs (wedding contracts) and does not contain images of my other work, I am available to provide hand-calligraphed works in Hebrew and/or English for any occasion. These unique and personalized works of art follow the same design aesthetic as my ketubahs--using high quality paper and inks, celebrating the handwritten letter and concentrating on the essence of the chosen text. Just as with the ketubah, I hope these ritual objects become an integral part of and significant symbol in people's lives. Contact me at or 646.812.0584 to discuss the creation of an original work of art for any of the following occasions and more: Bar/bat mitzvah gifts with name, special verse and/or Haftorah portion; Custom birth announcements, baby naming certificates for simchat bat or bris with name, date, details; Engagement, wedding or anniversary gifts with names, date, verse.

Prices run between $100-$300 dollars.

Calligraphy for invitations, envelopes and placecards are priced per piece.