Ketubah Graphia is your international source for custom ketubahs

For the last several months, Ketubah Graphia has been operating out of Johannesburg, South Africa. The ketubah business here has been quite an interesting endeavor. While South Africa boasts a large Jewish population--mostly traditional if not Orthodox—custom-made ketubot bought as works of art have not quite caught on as a concept as of yet. A few South African tastemakers, however, including Nadine Rubin (former Elle South Africa editor) as well as Tracy Stern (Ogilvy & Mather Associate) and their now-husbands recently ordered ketubot, so perhaps the trend will catch on soon.  Meanwhile, I am plenty busy making ketubot for the rest of the world and still hope the ketubah as a lasting, ritual object to be framed and enjoyed daily eventually catches on here.

(And between ketubahs, KG is busy watching and attending World Cup games.)