Help! We love the idea of a ketubah but we’re not Jewish

Many people ask me if they can have a ketubah even if they are not Jewish. They love the idea and ritual of a marriage contract or a way to artistically document and hang on the wall their commitment to one another. Ketubah Graphia says, "Of course!"

Ketubah Graphia has many text options, can customize texts, or work with any wording a couple provides (600 words or less total).

You can choose from any of the texts on the website such as the Interfaith, English-only Wedding Blessing, Secular Humanistic, Equal Partners, Traditional Apache Wedding Blessing, write your own, provide me with a copy of your vows or other wording from your ceremony, poetic verses meaningful to you, or any other text and I’ll turn it into a contemporary handmade design that marks your occasion and commitment to one another.

Anyone can have a “ketubah” that reflects a combination of their personal beliefs and vows to one another.