For Your Eyes AND Ears

I received a very exciting and timely e-mail yesterday from my old friend Aaron Bisman, President and CEO at JDub Records... JDub's Marketing Director, Naomi Zinner, saw my Aishet Chayil limited edition print now available and recognized a great collaboration opportunity between the print and one of JDub's bands, Girls in Trouble, whose song"Rubies" on their newly realeased album Half You Half Me was inspired by the Aishet Chayil, the woman of valor.


Not only was I thrilled to collaborate with and support JDub---a not for profit forging vibrant connections to Judaism through music, media, and cultural events---but I also LOVE this song! It is beautiful. I happily can't get it out of my head and it feels like a perfect complement to the print.


Ketubah Graphia is giving away a free mp3 of "Rubies" to anyone who purchases the Aishet Chayil limited edition print. Get a listen of "Rubies" here.

Like what you hear?  See Girls in Trouble playing in a city near you.  I'll be at their Joe's Pub show on May 19th. If you want to read more about the band, they just got written up in the Jewish Chronicle, which calls the album, "stormy, billowing, and beautiful..."

And now, I have to go sign more prints, listen to my new copy of HalfYou HalfMe and practice my guitar.